Glenn Koester

Senior Engineer 

Wood as design medium has always fascinated Glenn.  From a kid helping remodel the family house, to high school where his class built a house, and then to his first job out of college where he worked at a small consulting firm engineering residential houses and commercial structures.  He has a passion for coming up with creative solutions to difficult situations that has allowed him to excel at wood design.  

During his time at VALAR, he has engineered things from small garages to multi-story apartment complexes.  To each, he brings that passion and willingness to solve difficult problems.  Glenn is known for his kindness and willingness to work with a variety of clients in a meaningful way.  From the homeowner that needs the extra help figuring out what is needed for their remodel to the general contractor that has been involved in the construction industry their entire live, each find Glenn helpful and understanding of the complexities of construction.