PE, SE – Principal / Owner


As founder and owner of VALAR, Norm is driven to the optimum standard in structural engineering while providing the maximum service to each and every client and project. He benefits every team with his inviting demeanor, talent for working with diverse personalities, and passion for problem-solving.


His background and experience includes a wide range of construction types. Norm is known for getting in and rolling up his sleeves, his creativity, sustainability and responsiveness to clients design aspirations. His career involves an array of domestic and international work, including new construction, seismic renovations, investigations and seismic and structural peer reviews. He has worked with all traditional materials and has implemented unique solutions to some of the most complex structural problems.


As a native Oregonian, Norm has an extreme passion for the local community and enjoys spending time sharing his lessons and experience with others to help foster the built environment. Norm has served as an adjunct professor at University of Portland, where he also mentors university students. In addition, Norm has served on the Board for the Structural Engineers Association of Oregon, Oregon Chapter of the American Concrete Institute and is involved in the Architectural Foundation of Oregon outreach programs along with Portland State and the University of Oregon’s Architectural Programs.